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Creative Baby Shower Gift Ideas

If you're stumped for an idea for a baby shower gift, take a look at the 14 creative ideas below. 1. Custom Coupon Book.

Make your own coupon book good for a variety of services you will perform for the new mom, including a cooking and serving a dinner, babysitting, and running errands. It will be much appreciated by the new mom. 2.

Baby Sling or Front Carrier. You've probably seen mothers and fathers toting their babies around in a sling or front carrier. The babies love being snuggled up to their parents, and the sling's ingenious design leaves the parent's arms free to do errands or housework. The close contact strengthens the child-parent bond too. 3.

Bouncy Seat. New moms will be able to do some chores while the new baby is safely entertained and contained with safety straps. Some models are battery powered for a rhythmic and soothing bounce. 4.

Memory Box. Decorate a lidded plastic box with fabric and write "baby's memories" on top. It will provide the new mom with great place to save all those cards, letters, and other little items that she wants to save for her baby. 5. Baby Hat. It's important to keep a baby protected from the sun, and the new mom will appreciate a baby hat or two as a gift.

You'll have many styles and colors to choose from. You might want to select solid colors that will coordinate easily with other colors. 6. Disposable Diapers. You might not think that diapers are the most exciting baby shower gifts, but they can be the most useful.

Diapers are expensive, and babies use them quickly, so new moms always appreciate a gift of diapers. Even moms who use cloth diapers might like to have a pack of disposable diapers for travel. Buy larger sizes instead of newborn diapers, since some newborns grow quickly and don't use many of the smaller sizes.

And don't forget to include some baby wipes. 7. Activity Gym. A portable, lightweight activity gym usually features a cloth mat and toys, colorful mirrors, noisemakers and other objects of different shapes, sizes, and colors that dangle within the baby's grasp, encouraging his developing eyesight and growing physical skills.

8. Savings Bonds. A savings bond for the baby is always appreciated, and you can make great ongoing savings bond gifts on the child's birthday. 9.

Baby Bibs. Bibs are always appreciated, and come in all shapes and sizes. If you're looking for a practical bib, choose a sleeved bib or a full-coverage bib.

10. Baby Monitor. First-time parents will especially be reassured by having a portable baby monitor that will pick up their baby's slightest breaths from another room. If you're feeling especially generous, take a look at the new video monitors, which allow parents to see as well has hear their baby. 11.

Bath Kit. This can be fun and practical. Just fill a baby tub with baby shampoo, a mild baby soap, a soft washcloth (or sponge), hooded towel, baby comb, and brush. Toss in a bright yellow rubber ducky for good measure. 12. Classic Books.

Start the baby's library early with a selection of the best children's books available. Some books to consider include Goodnight Moon, Clifford The Big Red Dog, The Runaway Bunny, and Go, Dog, Go. 13. Going-Out Diaper Bag. New parents will really appreciate it if you pre-assemble a diaper bag with a few diapers, wipes, a couple of extra outfits for the baby, a bottle with formula, some small toys and a pacifier, and a packet of safety pins.

14. Help-Baby-to-Sleep Kit. Fill a basket with a nightlight, soft blanket (for use out of the crib only, because a soft blanket is a potential SIDS risk) and a CD with soothing music made just for babies. You can also include a mobile that plays music or a white noise sound machine.

Extra hint: If you buy clothing, don't forget to buy a few sizes up. New parents often receive much more clothing than the baby can possibly wear in newborn or 3-month sizes. They'll greatly appreciate it if you buy clothing in 6, 9, or 12 month sizes. Whatever you buy for the new baby is sure to be treasured by the parents. Have a great time at the baby shower!.

For more valuable baby shower tips and resources from Joan Yankowitz, check out her free "The Quick and Easy Guide to Baby Showers" Kwik Guide.

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