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Apple Unveils ITunes 4.5
Updated music service features music videos and free weekly downloads.



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Kazaa Media Desktop v3.0
Download MP3s and videos with this tool, but be aware of its many noxious components.
253491 Free Mar 2005
WinMX v3.53
Share MP3 files, as well as video and photos, while avoiding bundled spyware.
199506 Free Mar 2005
Morpheus v4
Search for free music, photos, and videos with this P2P file-sharing utility.
153724 Free May 2004
BearShare Lite v4.5.1
Spyware-free version of BearShare lets you download music and video files.
123901 Free Feb 2005
LimeWire v2.6
Search for MP3s with this sleek, well-designed program.
107071 Free Oct 2002
IMesh v3.1
Share music, photos, software--even homework--with this free service.
101533 Free Oct 2002
AudioGalaxy Satellite v0.609
Use a Web-based interface to download music for free.
66854 Free Oct 2002
Share and download music, video, and image files on a peer-to-peer network.
26648 Free Oct 2002
Napigator v2.08
Use an intuitive interface to access MP3s on a server that doesn't filter any of its files.
15914 Free Oct 2002
Share files anonymously over the Freenet with this program.
14733 Free Oct 2002
XoloX Ultra v1.5
Share music files over the Gnutella network as you scan your download for viruses.
11528 Free Apr 2003