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First Time Military Sword Collector

Protect your Military Sword with a Scabbard Every thing that you own should be protected in order that it will lasts for a lifetime. But when it comes to a collector's item such as a military sword from the US, it is but necessary to handle this sword with due diligence and should be well maintained of to protect it from dust, rust and becoming dull. Even if you have just one sword hanging around in your living area as a decoration on top of your fireplace, still it needs to be taking care.

A military sword that came from the US went through a great history of war, shedding of blood and the number of people killed by the sword. It is a priceless possession with a numerous of stories to tell. The scratches located on the hilt, grip or the sword itself, will tell the many battles that it had been through for the past centuries. It had passed the test of time and even managed to come this far and still exist in our modern world.

Such military sword deserved to be shown with great respect and honor by protecting and preserving it to pass on the next generation. Placing the military sword in a scabbard is one way of protecting the blade from dust, rust and becoming dull. A scabbard is a kind of sheath that holds a sword or other large blade. Scabbards are made of different materials, such as: wood, leather, brass and steel. During the ancient times, wooden scabbards were covered in either leather or fabric.

The leather version bore metal fittings to give an added protection and carrying ease for the user. Blades were protected by a wooden scabbard properly termed as saya. The scabbards used by the Greeks and Romans were small and light. They were designed typically for holding the sword rather protecting the sword. In the 19th century, the use of metal scabbards had been the trend in Europe.

It was proven that metal was durable compared to other materials used in making scabbard, and most importantly it can withstand the test of time. Metal scabbard present a more military look type of appearance and it also serves as an added ornamentation. With the widely used of the metal scabbards, the leather scabbards never lost its charms among military users. It was still used even up to the late American Civil War. A scabbard like the sword has its own history and been through a lot of times winning and loosing battles as the military user did a long time ago.

The great help it had given to those military users during war had served its purpose of being a protection to the sword itself. Scabbards will serve as one of the perfect military gifts that you can give to a military person, a collector of a sword or just a plain individual who owns a sword for decoration purposes. A priceless item such as a military sword serves to be well protected by either a leather or metal scabbard.

Devin Hughes is the author of this article on Military Sword Displays. Find out more information about this article at Military Swords here.

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