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Silicone Bracelets Standard Fundraiser

For a Standard (Up-front Order), the fundraiser organiser needs to order a set amount of silicone bracelets and receive the shipment, sell them and the ones showcased online at a price higher than the original cost so as to provide the proceeds of the sale towards the charitable cause. Customers cannot judge for themselves the quality of the bracelets. This inconvenience can be reduced by displaying some of the standard bracelets in the fundraiser - as your customers will get them immediately. For a Pre Order process the fundraiser organiser will take orders over a period of time, and then give the order for the exact number of silicone bracelets for which the order is received by the donors and receive the entire shipment. Since all of the bracelets were pre ordered, customers/contributors get them immediately. For an Online fundraising campaign, the fundraiser organiser can place an up-front order or exact order, and then allow the customers to order directly exact number of silicone bracelets online from the website.

The complete process for organizing a preorder fundraiser is described as follows: The fundraiser sells the silicone bracelets before actually giving the order with the help of samples and flyers etc which give the customers just an idea of the design, colours etc of the bracelets The advantages of doing an upfront fundraiser are: The bracelets are available to the customers immediately since the organiser has already ordered the bracelets. Customers can judge the quality of the product for themselves Fundraiser organiser will gather the funds more quickly. The disadvantages of an upfront fundraiser are: fundraiser organiser will have to have the funds to do the payment to the manufacturers immediately The order will have to be given a few weeks before the fundraiser starts, The number of silicone bracelets will have to be estimated in advance to order. The complete process for organizing a standard or up front fundraiser is described as follows: The fundraiser details which needs to be provided by the organiser to the manufacturer are - Organiser Details - Fundraising Event Details like start date and duration etc. - Correspondence and contact details Selection of the design, colours for the customized silicone bracelets.

If so desired, the organiser can opt for some blank or standard silicone bracelets which will be available immediately. Finalise on the pavement terms and conditions with the manufacturer depending on the standard and customized silicone bracelets. The organiser can decide on the number to be delivered for the event. During the fundraising event, the donors can buy from the variety of the silicone bracelets customized or they can buy one which is still in the manufacturer's inventory So, the manufacturer can directly ship the bracelets to the donors and send the payment vouchers to the organiser finally The organiser can check on the status of all the orders raised and complete the payment formalities.

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