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Taking The Legal Way In Finding Free MP Downloads

Gaining immense popularity in the last few years, mp3s are all the rage. Stores are racing to keep mp3 players in stocks, and sites offering mp3 downloads are enjoying unprecedented traffic. Accordingly, the demand for free mp3 downloads is on the rise. While the phrase "free mp3 downloads" often conjures up images of the peer-to-peer file sharing networks that are constantly embroiled in legal battles, there are other, legal ways to get your mp3 fix without resorting to legally questionable resources.

If you're eager to get free mp3 downloads of your favorite artist, try visiting the official website. Many artists will release tracks from past or present albums in order to generate interest and, of course, increase sales. Fully supported by the artists and their labels, these tracks are usually of high quality, and may feature deep cuts that wouldn't get much airplay. Record label websites also sometimes offer free tracks of up and coming artists, or known artists that could use a boost in sales. You may also get free mp3 downloads as part of a promotion from retailers eager to capitalize on the popularity of mp3s.

Some stores print codes that can be redeemed at websites, giving you access to a certain number of downloads, all for free. The libraries carried at these sites is often extensive enough to ensure that everyone can find a few tracks that they like. Similarly, online music stores often give out codes for free downloads to encourage people to try their services, or sponsor promotions in conjunction with other companies using codes as a prize. These sites often have the most extensive libraries available, including otherwise hard to find tracks. One important thing to keep in mind when partaking in free mp3 downloads is to make sure that they are compatible with your preferred player. While mp3 refers to a specific file format, the term is often used generically to refer to music files of any format.

Additionally, files may come encoded with Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection, limiting your ability to re-copy files to multiple players or copy them to CDs. The media attention that has been focused on mp3 downloads has sent a clear message to record labels and music vendors: people like to download mp3s quickly and easily, and free mp3 downloads is a great way to attract customers. By wooing customers with the promise of free tracks, companies achieve two things: increased overall sales, and improved customer perception. Many music buyers are dismayed over the restrictions and legal action enacted by the music industry, and have made their preferences clear: mp3 downloads, free or otherwise, are the way of the future, and the music industry would do well to act accordingly, whether by offering free mp3 downloads, or at the very least, making music files accessible, convenient and inexpensive.

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