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The Best Unique Baby Shower Ideas

Are you planning a baby shower for a close friend or relative? Are you ready with a theme? Of sure, you will be able to find themes aplenty considering how many wonderful childhood characters have now made it onto balloons, wrapping paper, gift bags, invitations, and so many other paraphernalia. But do you have some unique baby shower ideas that will truly make the mom-to-be feel appreciated, loved, and on the receiving end of a treat - considering that this will probably the last party involving her child where she will not have to lift a finger, clean the entire house before and after the party, and worry about the number of cupcakes and juice boxes in the refrigerator? Consider the location of your shower first. A wonderfully unique baby shower idea is to actually have it in the mom-to-be's home! You might think that this will add stress to her life but if planned and executed correctly, this will actually shave a lot of time and aggravation off her day! If you are in charge of planning the party, you will still organize the cleaning team - before the party and after - while the mom-to-be is being treated to a foot massage or haircut. The party will take place in the actual nursery, and after mom has opened her presents, you will organize a group of helper who will go ahead and put away the toys, clothes, receiving blankets, and all the other little odds and ends in their appropriate drawers.

Someone else will be in charge of disposing of the wrapping paper. The mom-to-be will be left with a fully organized and stocked nursery without having to lift a finger herself! Other unique baby shower ideas center on the party favors. After all, you do want to hand out a little something to the guests as a way of saying "thank you" for attending and also for helping out. Little soaps are probably the most cost effective yet unique way of accomplishing both. You may purchase some ready made soaps in the shape of ballerina slippers (if the child is a girl) or trains (if the child is a boy) and put them in tiny gift bags. This is a unique gift that may very well become a keepsake for many.

Last but not least on the list of unique baby shower ideas is the method of personalizing bibs, onesies, diaper bags, and bottles. You are no longer bound by the designs the stores have to offer, but you can improve upon any of them! Part and parcel of your baby shower could be the opportunity for each guest to personalize one item of their choice. Using non-toxic markers, fabric paints, and other appropriate materials, guests will be able to encourage the mom-to-be with a favorite Bible verse written on a bib, a cute drawing added to a generic baby bottle, and a unique message added to a piece of otherwise unadorned clothing. What a truly unique baby shower method of encouraging a mom-to-be!.

Dustin Cannon is owner of JUstArticlesVIP.com and writes on a variety of subjects. To learn more about this topic Dustin recommends that you visit: Baby Showers

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